Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Cold, Broken Bikes, And Crazy Adventures

October 20, 2015

Hey family and friends!

It's been a tough yet awesome week. We are doing less tracting and we are visiting a lot of non-members. And yes there are plenty of non-members in the great state of Utah. I got a door slammed in my face this week!!! What an experience hahaha. We literally didn't even talk about missionary work we just wanted to get to know the guy but I guess he didn't want to get to know us. Its ok though. Everyone has their agency.

On Thursday we met with Heidi! She is a lady in her 50's and she lives in the trailer park with her inactive husband. Her trailer house is actually well kept and is free of drugs so that's a plus. She is very interested in the gospel she just wants to have a foundation of it so she knows whats up with the LDS religion. The one holdup she has is her concern with the Sister Wives show. Apparently on that show a woman is trying to become LDS but apparently she has to "give up her family" to become LDS. Which I find total bullcrap on the shows part. IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO SHARE THE REAL STORY ON THIS SHOW PLEASE EMAIL ME.

Also with Heidi she has LOTS of medical issues. Like a ton! She has trouble breathing and walking and during the lesson on Thursday she was really struggling and asked us to give her a blessing. Elder Sagmeister anointed and I sealed the blessing. The blessing was short and sweet and actually I thought I did a bad job. But one thing we have to remember is that I didn't say the words I wanted to say, Heavenly Father gave me those words. After the blessing Heidi thanked me for such a precious blessing I gave her and what is awesome is that everything I said was exactly what she needed to hear. We ran into her randomly yesterday and had an impromptu lesson at her house last night and she was a whole different person. It was like the Lord took all of her pain and health problems away and that just strengthened my testimony immensely. It reminded that I am worthy and adequate to be out here as a missionary.

On Sunday I gave two talks in the 8th and 10th wards. It was the same talk but worked just as great. I talked about missionary work. I purposely didn't explain to the congregation about who I am. I simply just jumped right into the talk because part of missionary work is getting to know people so I left it up to the congregation to get to know me on their own. A lot of people were surprised to find out that I have only been out for about a month. They thought I was out for at least a year or so! The spirit can work wonders for you that is for sure.

Well that is pretty much the highlights of this week! Email me! I like to hear from people! I probably can't get back to you because time is missionary work around here but I love to hear from my fellow family and friends. Stay true to the Faith. We need Faith. The gospel starts with Faith. If  your are having trouble with your faith that is ok. Faith without works is dead(Somewhere in JAMES) You have to work at it. Read the Book of Mormon. Everything will work out in the end. We just have to endure!

Love you guys!
Elder Skabelund

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