Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Week 2

October 5, 2015

HEY GUYS!!! How's everybody doing? This week has honestly been a blur. It will probably be like that my whole mission. This week Elder Angus and I had the opportunity to teach 3 investigators (probable members) in the mtc. THAT WAS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE. It really forces you to break stuff down and teach in a real simplistic manner. I've definitely had the spirit on my side. There's been times when an investigator asks a really tough question. In these times I just pause for 10 seconds and just start talking and it is unbelievable to see how what you say actually answers the investigator's concerns.

On Wednesday, Elder Angus and I got to welcome the new missionaries in the zone and we were responsible for conducting an orientation. It went pretty well and it was crazy to introduce missionaries to the mtc when we just got there one week earlier. It's another testament to how missionary work really does improve yourself in such a short time.

That night we had a zone prayer and I shared the story entitled "Marks of a Man" Its a good story and you guys can Google it. I shared it towards the very end when I gave my farewell talk. Anyways I was bawling like a baby halfway through because every time I read it I increase my testimony in the Savior's ministry and it relates missionary work to his ministry. I had almost everyone tearing up and the spirit was just soooo STRONG. 

Conference at the MTC was awesome!!! It was the first time that I've ever watched all sessions. The only complaint I had was that the bleacher seats we sit in bruise your butt for 2 weeks. Not even joking. hahah but really I definitely learned a lot in conference. They testified of really striving to keep the Sabbath Day holy and to really focus on keeping the commandments. President Monson was really straight forward and I really enjoyed his talk

On a side note, Claudio R M Costa visited the MTC and he gave an awesome quote. He said that "when you cut an apple in half you can count the number of seeds you have. You cannot count how many apples those seeds will produce" Pretty much he is saying that you can count your baptisms but you can't count the ripple effects it bring and it was cool to hear him put that in such a way that made sense.

Oh by the way I leave to Logan tomorrow! I get to wake up at 4:20 and take a train to Ogden. Then from there they will shuttle us to Logan. I am beyond stoked. I am a little nervous but I am mostly confident and just anxious to go. That might change but for now I have to feel that way to keep myself sane!

Also some advice. DO NOT COME TO THE MTC IF YOU'RE NOT READY. Whether you are 18 or 25 it does not matter. We are one in purpose and age is not a factor. We had a new missionary come to the MTC this last Wednesday and  he went home this Friday. He was literally here for 2 days and he was not ready whatsoever. With that said you will never know when you are ready. A good indicator is if you have read the Book of Mormon and can testify it and if you are independent. It is better if you have to wait a year rather than going home after two days. 

With that said I know that I am ready to serve. I have taught with the spirit and I have a strong testimony of the gospel. The church is true. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. The people of Logan are waiting for me and I know I am called as one worthy and ready to serve my Lord.

Elder Skabelund

PS: Some group called Vocal Point? Yeah I think that's right.. or was it Choir Point? idk.... anyways they came to the mtc on Sunday to put on a devotional and they sang the whole time. It was alright... I was in the front row so that was kind of cool but I don't think they are that big of a deal. I don't think they're that famous...

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