Thursday, January 28, 2016

16 Weeks into the Mission Life

January 12, 2016


This week has been pretty good!! It was full of lessons and referrals and lessons falling through and just a good mix of good and bad. But there was more good than bad!!

We are teaching a lot of families! What's exciting is all of our work usually only covers the bottom half of the stake. Just recently a lot of families are opening up their hearts and they are having us come over and teach their families which live on the top half of the stake. A lot of their lessons fell through this last week but they are asking to reschedule and things are looking pretty promising.

I had the opportunity to speak last Sunday in 1 of the 11 wards which I cover. It's crazy how little I have to prepare to give a talk. I literally spent half an hour during a personal study one day and that was enough to speak for 15 minutes. The topic was on converting ourselves so that we can convert others. I shared the restoration in 4
minutes and then I talked about what the gospel really is and also on the definition of conversion. There are 4 characteristics of someone who is converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of those characteristics is "sharing the gospel with others" I testified of how from our perspective that we are starting to see miracles happen in
this area and we need all the help we can get. It was a great talk and I know that I helped increase a lot of people's faith in Christ that day.

We invited 2 investigators to be baptized on the 30th of January and they both accepted. One of them is a 13 yr old young women and the other is a 9 yr old girl. It is the same old Utah Story. Inactive parents, unbaptized children. Honestly these baptisms are my favorite baptisms. The family gets active and their children accept the gospel. So instead of only having one person come to church, we can help bring a whole family to church.

On top of two investigators accepting baptisms for this month. There are families who have dropped us that are starting to seem interested again. Particularly one inactive family. The parents in this family are inactive with one baptized 19 yr old. The other 3 children in their teenage years have all wanted to be baptized. Their only hold up
was the mom and she is finally allowing missionaries to come back to teach their family. The first lesson we set up fell through however she called us the same day and apologized and rescheduled for later this week so it should be a pretty solid and awesome lesson!

I love this area so much. We are having so much success and it is awesome. It's crazy to see how quickly the Lord prepares people in Utah. Of course their is a lot of people who are against the church but there are people still here who are searching for the truth. We had one guy ask us if we can help him find peace and joy in his life. "The field is white already to harvest" D&C 4. Not white with snow, but white with people who are willing to come unto Christ!

The mission is the best choice I have ever made and it is blessing my life so much!! Stay close to Christ and he will stay close to you!!

Elder Skabelund

Btw I saw a police chase on Sunday!!! Pretty dope the car crashed into
someone's front yard

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