Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tracting, tracting, and more tracting :)

November 10, 2015

Hey guys how is your week going so far? Are you freezing yet? Hahaha cuz it is nothing compared to North Ogden. I would definitely be in shorts and a tshirt back home but instead I'm layered. 

This week we had a decent amount of lessons and we an investigator on date for a baptism on the 28th! Its been pretty awesome. 

On Thursday we had a tripanionship. Kind of. Pretty much there was this guy from the MTC that tagged along with us for the whole day. His job at the MTC is to teach the teachers that teach the missionaries so this guy is pretty high up. He had a car and that made a huge difference. We went tracting and then we taught a lesson later that night. It was probably one of the best lessons we had.

The lesson started out with the family not wanting us to push their son, Breyan, to baptism and Breyan did not want to say the opening prayer. Through the spirit and us missionaries being true instruments we were able to commit Breyan to baptism and he even said the closing prayer. Not only did we increase his faith but the whole families faith as well. As a family they are reading scriptures together every night and they are making progress.

 On Friday we were tracting in the trailer parks again. We saw this guy get dropped off and we started to talk to him. He speaks mostly spanish and he let us into his home. He introduced us to his family and it turns out that his wife and his daughter has been baptized however, he and his other 3 kids are not baptized. We taught a short lesson and the whole family wants to go to church and be baptized so we are going to work with them towards that goal.

On Sunday Elder Sagmeister and I had to present the living christmas card to two wards. Pretty much after sacrament meeting the bishop asked the congregation to stay and then we went up to the pulpit and sang silent night (A Capella) and then we shared the story of the Birth of Christ. It actually went pretty well and it sounded cool because we did two verses in English and then we sang the last verse in German. The idea of this presentation is to encourage members to give us referrals so we can take this living christmas card and present it to those referrals.

This week has been busy and has been tough but it is definitely worth it.Pretty much the rest of the week has been like this and we are just seeing miracle after miracle happen. Their is so much potential in this stake and there is plenty work to be done. There are going to be a boatload of baptisms soon which is awesome! There is just something special seeing people unlocking the gate to eternal life.

Anyways family and friends, stay true to the faith and share that faith to true sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. Visit some less actives and be a member missionary. I know people tell you that all the time but if everyone did their part the church would be even stronger than it already is.

Love you guys,
Elder Skabelund

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