Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Busy, busy

November 17, 2015

Ok so you might think I'm getting transferred but I'm not...hahaha alot of people got moved around but training lasts 2 transfers (12 weeks). Elder Sagmeister got called to be a district leader which is
awesome! Where we live there is only 1 restaurant in our stake and it is this junky Mexican joint called Juan Pablo's. If we wanted to eat out of the stake we had to get permission from our district leader.
But now since Elder Sagmeister is DL we can eat wherever the junk we want to. Hahahaha So how is life in AZ?! I heard the Cardinals beat the Seahawks this week! Woot Woot!!! So I think we're (7-2) and the Seahawks are (4-5).
Now I really shouldn't know this information but when you are learning to talk to random strangers it actually comes in handy. It lets people know that missionaries aren't weird. We are just normal representatives of Jesus Christ!

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! I think at least 10 people have invited us to come over for thanksgiving. Every time someone invites us it just goes in one ear and out the other because I know that we are going to be booked on thanksgiving. Hahaha I just tell them maybe we'll stop by and say hi! I guess it's a good problem to have too many dinner appointments ;)

It's pretty cold in Pleasant View. About 29 degrees. Which sounds freezing but in all honest it's not too bad. The wind is what kills you. Yesterday it was only around 33 but with 60 mile an hour wind gusts it kills you!!! And because I don't have a car or a bike, we walked all day and night in it. My face was numb! Hahahaha

The work is usual. The thing with my area is that it has a lot of potential! We're working with about 25-30 people and we can set up lessons every week but it's hard to have people commit. A lot of our close investigators are around 9 or 10 years old which is awesome! These kids are the future and they need to have a firm foundation of
Christ while they are in their youth. One of the kids is Reejelyn (and yes that is how you spell it) and she is ready to be baptized. She could totally be baptized this Saturday but her family feels like they need time to let everyone know and take time off work which is understandable so the asked if she could be baptized on the 12th of December. Which is a ways a way but it is a pretty solid date. Another investigator is Norah. She is about 9 and she is the smartest girl ever. We ask her questions and she knows everything. She even teaches
us sometimes. Her dad works every Sunday and her mom has no motivation to take 4 little kids to church. She says that she thinks she can't handle the kids at church which I just find total Bologna because coming from a family of 8 children my mom was always able to take us
to church when dad couldn't go.

I'm so thankful for parents that taught me how to work with others especially children. It comes in handy with these investigators. A cool story about Norah. Since her parents don't go to church we asked if someone in the Ward could pick her up and they said it was fine. So come Sunday, the Ward mission leader was supposed to pick her up but I saw him come in to church without Norah and he totally dropped the ball. So I went up to him and told him that we need to go pick Norah up so we left and went to her house and when we got there she was just already to go to church and that just made me so happy.

Also, Sunday was another stake conference and we went to a broadcasted one. However, the church came out with a new streaming system and it just flat out sucks. We lost signal for like 45 minutes and then when
it came back on we lost signal every 5 minutes it seemed like. In those 45 minutes of peril and distress someone was smart and decided to go up and play the piano and we sang hymns for about 45 minutes. People were shouting out hymn numbers and I thought to myself that this is probably what all the other Christian churches are like ;)

Yesterday we were setting up lessons in the trailer park and a boy named Johnny (age 9) biked up to us and told us to visit his home. So we actually met Johnny the day before. So on Sunday we were about to leave the trailer park when I got the feeling that we should visit some less actives. We taught a couple less actives and new members and during one of these lessons, Johnny knocked on the door and wanted to play with one of his friends. When the lesson was done we went outside and talked to Johnny and he wanted us to go to his house. We knocked on the door and the mom was on the phone so we told her we'd stop by some other time. So yesterday Johnny came up to us again and we went to his house and set him up for lessons and we have the moms
permission. Crazy how things work out when you are in tune with the spirit.

Anyways I know it's a lot but there is a lot going on. I could keep typing forever but that would probably bore you guys. Anyways love you guys and stay safe!

Elder Skabelund

(Btw if you are getting an email from me for the first time it's
because I finally have my email list)

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