Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Did Somebody Say Baptism?

November 24, 2015

Today is a glorious day. The gates of Eternal Happiness and Life are opening at approximately 7pm today. This is not the end but only the beginning. Tonight, one of our investigators, Norah, is being baptized. She is a 9 yr old girl and is super ready to be baptized the parents are inactive and are trying to come to church. The dad actually go the OK to baptize Norah and that just makes me sooo happy. The interesting thing about  baptisms are the things you usually don't take into consideration. Those things are on our shoulders. We have the opportunity to fill the fonts, get the suits, make programs, delegate talks and musical selections and set up chairs. It really is kind of awesome. Did you know that a font takes 2 hours to fill? I thought that was crazy hahaha so around 4:30 we have to fill the font. This week is a blur once again. I have been really clumsy this week I should say. I ordered a ukulele but I ordered it to my parents on accident. I felt like an idiot. But we all make mistakes. That's why we need Christ in our lives. We have had a decent amount of lessons and I can see myself improve everyday and I am relying more on the spirit than on memorization. There hasn't been any snow yet. It snows everyday on the mountains but not down here. We should have some snow tomorrow. I am adjusting to the weather. The other day it was about 25 degrees and I stepped on the grass and it was frozen. It leaves a print of your shoe in the grass and it was the strangest thing I've seen here. Today is only 40 degrees so I just wore a short sleeve shirt and my suit jacket. 40 degrees is great weather. Well I don't have too much time. I have to figure out a way to make programs. Oh for thanksgiving someone is taking us out to lunch and we are having dinner with the stake president. Also a side note we are on track to have 3 super solid baptisms next month so that will be great. Love you guys!

Elder Skabelund

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