Tuesday, December 29, 2015

That awkward moment when you don't know what to put in the subject line of an email

December 22, 2015

Yes. I honestly have no idea what to put on the subject line this week.

This week has been another awesome week in the Lord's work. There is going to be another baptism on Saturday and I'll be sure to send you some pictures. Baptism day is just awesome! I absolutely love filling
up the font and setting stuff up and organizing it all. It's awesome to know that you made a small difference in someone's life. The spirit does all the work. So we are baptizing a young boy who just turned 9. His mom was converted a year ago and has just been inactive. They are coming back to church and again we are reactivating along with baptizing and it's awesome to bring families back and to the gospel. I'll be sure to email some pictures next week!

On Sunday Elder Sagmeister and I had a special meeting with President Allred(mission president) and President Keller(Stake President). It was an amazing meeting because when two different sets of priesthood keys come together that is when we see miracles happen. It was a great meeting and we shot off some good ideas to try and improve the work in the stake.

Christmas is this week and it has come by wicked fast! My mom is obsessed with sending me box after box after box. I think she only hastwo hobbies. Raising foster kids and sending me stuff. Hahaha but it's great! I was so excited when I opened up a thing of deodorant yesterday from her! I was like, "Gee!! Thanks Mom for the deodorant!! That really is what I was looking forward to all day!!" Hahah it's awesome I love opening the stuff I receive and it's a blessing to have a great mom!!

The work is good and there is a lot of potential that we are capitalizing on right now. There should be 4 more baptisms in the coming months and I'm sure with some more finding we'll have even more!!

I love the mission so much but I miss Arizona a lot. Especially the weather. It's snowing like crazy today and it will drop down to like 7 degrees in a couple days. I also am having flying/driving withdrawals. I don't know what it is but there is just something about jumping in a car and going for a drive. It helps me out with my stress. Since I
don't have that luxury anymore I have to punch my companion to get all the stress out of me ;) .

This salon that looks like a home(but is not a home at all) gave me one of the best haircuts ever today! Plus it was free! I had to look good for my skype call on Christmas! I feel like I'm spoiled out here in Utah. But then again we have lots of opposition in Utah that I better not mention because it will probably scare my mom. Hahahaha

Anyways that's all for today!

Ps my mission has a blog now! Go to utahloganmissionallred.blogspot.com I am in the North Ogden Zone

Love Elder Skabelund

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