Tuesday, December 29, 2015


December 29, 2015

Oh yeah!!! Isn't that exciting?!!? Transfers are TOMORROW!!!! And GUESS WHAT?!?!? I'm staying here!!!! With my trainer Elder Sagmeister!!! Hahaha yep I'm staying here in the Pleasant View South Stake for at least the next 6 weeks. I think that's pretty cool. I didn't want to get transferred really. We are having a lot of success in this area and I feel like we need at least another 6 weeks to be able to get the rest of our investigators in the font.

We had yet another baptism this past week and it was great! I think I've mentioned his family a little bit. His name is Donovan and he is 9 years old. He has a lot of mental issues yet it does not show at all when he's at church. So he is still aware enough to comprehend a lot of key doctrines. His mom was baptized last year yet is a little less
active. The father is not in the situation and the grandmother lives in their trailer. Donovan has a younger brother who is 5 and he is one of the smartest/cutest 5 yr olds ever Hahaha. Anyways Donovan was baptized this last Saturday and on the spot the bishop spoke, the stake president spoke, the high councilor over missionary work spoke, and our mission president (President Allred) surprised us with a visit and he spoke. Elder Sagmeister and I shared the 4 minute restoration message.The baptism was just awesome and we figured out that the grandmother is not a member and she wants to be baptized!! So that will probably happen in the coming months as well!!

This mission is awesome! Yes there is a lot of opposition to the church here. There are people who join for the wrong reasons. But at the same time a lot of people are opening up to the gospel and people are flooding to Utah and they don't know why. I was looking up some history about the Mesa Temple today and I was studying the 4 corners of the temple and what they represented. It is really interesting and it talks about people traveling to Zion to hear the gospel. And I pretty much feel like that is happening in the Utah Logan Mission!

We have a pretty legit dinner set up today. One of the Ward mission leaders served his mission in Germany and he and Elder Sagmeister really get along. Anyways since we all thought Elder Sagmeister was leaving, he is fixing a full on German dinner tonight and German food is sooooo good!!! I told my family about some German food over Skype and they all thought is was gross but they don't know what they are talking about.

Also that was another thing!!! Skyping with the fam was awesome! I also got permission to call my grandma and my cousin so that was really cool!! I was good I kept the call to about 45 minutes which really isn't enough time but it was. It was awesome to see my baby sister Jadyn. My family makes me happy but my sister especially makes
me happy!! I have a strong testimony of eternal families because of what my parents have done over the past couple of years and I'm grateful that I'm able to share that testimony with a lot of people who want an eternal family. That's another thing! On top of baptizing we are also working with families and recent converts who want to be sealed together and that is super exciting!

On Christmas Day we realized that we have just too much candy and treats and just crap. We dumped ALL of our treats in a huge pile (we had about a 3 foot circle) and we divided it into 5 families and we went around about to the trailer park and gave it all away. So to everyone who sent me stuff, thank you all sooo much!! I was so
appreciative and really enjoyed Mary and Leanne's Fudge and Cookies and my Grandmas Peanut Butter Bars. So I definitely had my fair share and our cupboards are still so full!! But I will be honest I did give a lot of it away to families who barely had a Christmas so I'm sure you all can understand. Thanks so much you made our Christmas the best one yet!!

Alright that's enough talking for today I love you all so much!!

Elder Skabelund

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