Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

December 1, 2015

Hello everyone! All is well in the Utah Logan Mission! I only have 4 more weeks of training left! Time flies by so fast here it's not even a joke! I am really adjusting well and I'm excited for what the future has in store while I am a missionary. I love this work so much. Granted there are days that just flat out suck but you get used to it fast. It's all about your attitude and how you look at things. If you have a good attitude during bad situations your mission will be a lot more enjoyable and I've had to learn that.

This last Tuesday we had a baptism and that was really cool. I was freaking out on Sunday because the family was 5 minutes late for Church. But Norah was still able to be confirmed so it worked out. It was very stressful because the stake president was there and I just didn't even want to think about the family not coming to church. But it still worked out!!

On Wednesday I got to go up to Logan for a mission conference and that was fun! A former mission president ( who was the mission president for the San Diego mission during the filming of district 2) spoke to us about staying true to Preach My Gospel and that was really

Thursday was thanksgiving and we only had 2 dinner appointments! (Which is a good thing) Our mission president told us to treat thanksgiving like any other day and we did just that! So after 3 or so we went out and worked like normal and had good success with visits and we taught the restoration to a potential investigator. If we would have just wasted our day with members we would not have had thesuccess we did so it was good that we got out and worked. On Friday we had a couple lessons so that was good

Saturday we performed the Living Christmas Card to people. It was very successful we had few people just bawling in tears and it's great to see how Jesus Christ can bless the lives of everyone.

On Sunday I gave a talk about the Plan of Salvation and I focused a lot on Jesus Christ because Jesus Christ is central to Gods plan for his children. It went really well!

Yesterday I gave a blessing to Heidi who is going into emergency surgery today. She had me in tears yesterday. You just love people so much and you hate to see them go through tough situations. The blessing went well and I know that she will be ok.

The gospel blesses families in extraordinary ways. The world is getting crazier and crazier every day. The gospel is what keeps us strong. Jesus Christ is there for us whenever we need him. He never leaves. Because of him we all have second chances and clean slates.
There is no such thing as the end Because of Him.

Btw the church released a new video about the birth of Christ. I thought it was kind of lame but I still felt the spirit so it's still a good video. Go watch it.

Ok love you guys
Elder Skabelund

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