Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Mission Life

December 8, 2015

Yes the mission life. This week I realized that this is the life. Nothing makes me more happy than watching families come closer to Christ! It's been a great week full of lessons and meeting people. Not only me teaching lessons, but also I've learned a couple lessons this week. I've learned of the value and importance that members have to missionary work.

When we first got into this area we went tracting a lot! We found a couple families to teach and we ran into a family who has been taught before. This family is awesome. The father's(Brad) parents (Mike and Peggy) are in the same Ward and the fathers daughter (Reejelyn) is 10 yrs old and is not baptized. Brad's older brother served a mission in the late 90's. Tragically his brother was killed on his mission in a fatal car accident. President Hinckley spoke at his funeral. Anyways this family has gone through a lot and Brad has fallen away from the church and Reejelyn is not baptized. We have worked closely with the family and we have involve the Ward very much. We have worked a lot with the Primary Presidency and other auxiliary leaders. Reejelyn was close to baptism but she still needed to come to church one more time.We have worked a lot these past two weeks to get her to church and by working with the Ward we were able to have Reejelyn come to church! Reejelyn will be baptized this S the 12th. It is awesome to see families come back and come closer to Christ. Miracles are happening in Utah!

I love this work! A lot of people are saying how sorry I am to be away from my family for thanksgiving and Christmas. What a load of crap. I'm not sorry. Granted I miss my family but I'm definitely not sorry for being able to serve the lord on thanksgiving and Christmas. It is an honor.

Sorry if I sound bold but I guess that's what the mission life does to you! Today and yesterday we had the opportunity to work with the seminary students in the area. This seminary building is literally the biggest one in the US. It can fit 4 or 5 normal size seminaries in one! We invited the students to work with us and become missionaries to their friends and family. It was crazy because I was in their shoes 6 months ago yet I feel like I'm such a different person now. The gospel changes your life.

I could go on all day with stories and such! I'm excited to talk to my family on Christmas! I just hope I don't get too distracted from the work! Hahahaha if any of you have any mind-boggling questions you would like to ask me ask me any day! I can read your emails every day so go ahead and shoot them at me!

Elder Skabelund

My mom sent me that Christmas Tree and the other picture is a picture of my senior couple ELDER BENSON who played for the SKABELUND ROOFING baseball or softball team

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