Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another day in an ancient farming town

April 5, 2016

Well this is the second time at I'm writing this letter which kind of sucks. It was a really good letter too. My iPad froze up and deleted my whole letter. Ugh.....stupid Apple hahah

Well yes I am currently serving in Malad,, Idaho. Malad is one of those towns that used to be really busy and cool but then they built an interstate right next to it and now there is no need for anyone to go there unless you live there. It's a whole different world out here in Malad. It was kind of a culture shock to me. We cover a fifth of
the mission. The size of our area is bigger than some missions. All it is farming. And yes people live on the outskirts of our area so we get to travel a lot.

The one fast food place here is Burger King. And it's in a gas station. I guess you got subway too. There is one grocery store out here called Thomas market. It's crazy expensive and it's pretty much like a glorified convenience store. There are a couple of other restaurants but they are all too pricy so we don't really go. Oh and the best part of it all is that we live in the good ol' Hess lumber store. Pretty much a member who owns the store bought an even bigger store right next to the one we live in now. He uses the old space for storage and his old office as our apartment. It's great. I use like 5 lint sheets each time I lint roll my clothes. Fun! But really there is a lot of success to be found here in this town of Malad.

We are teaching a part member family with 5 unbaptized children. They want to make sure that the kids understand everything and I mean everything before they are baptized. They are close and should be baptized this month.

We are teaching a fellow by the name of Eddie. Eddie is about in his 60's and he is really interested in the gospel. He is one of those people that when he says he is going to do something he does it.  His word is his bond and I like that. We watched the Saturday morning session of conference together and he really enjoyed that. He is coming to church this next Sunday so we are excited. He was originally attending the baptist church but he had a falling out with them so he joined the free mason lodge out here. Yes there is a mason lodge about 50 yards away from where we live. Awesome! Haha but he is really interested in the gospel so he should be baptized soon.

We are also teaching Jeff. Jeff is in his 50's and he is really shy. But he is the coolest guy ever. He has the best fellowships ever. They are his best friends that are working close with him towards baptism. He is currently playing the organ for the Presbyterian church. He has a testimony of the Book of Mormon he is just waiting for that neon
sign of an answer. Jeff is amazing. He can play like ear like no other. If you sing a song that he hasn't heard of before, he can play the whole song like a music genius. Yesterday we went over to this members house and there was a group of people gathering for their weekly music session. Jeff was there and he was playing an organ and I
was singing some lds hymns and he was able to play songs that he's never heard of before and it was amazing. I think the small things like this will help Jeff increase his Faith in Christ towards baptism.

Well that's all for today. Malad is literarily just small shops and farms. I'll send some pictures. It's absolutely beautiful out here. Just too much of a farm life for me to live here forever.

I am in love with the mission. I love the work and I am excited to see where this takes me. The people are awesome. When you really get to know them, they have amazing stories to share and I have a big love for them. I think that that is going to be the key to have success here. Show the love and spread the love. That's what Christ would do.

The church is true. Christ loves us and cares for us. He died for us so that we can be happy. It's as simple as that. I have grown closer to Christ more than I ever have the past couple of weeks. I truly have that desire to go out and serve the lord and it feels great! I love you all!

Elder Skabelund

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