Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Great Week!

May 2, 2016

Ok ok.... I guess I should probably send out an email today. But it really has been a great week. We have been finding and teaching. What more can you ask for?

Today has been fun. We took the truck off reading a little bit and we got to a trail head and we almost hiked to the top of Oxford Peak. We got pretty deep in the canyons and it was pretty fun. Usual shopping and laundry and emails. There is a grill on sale for pretty cheap and I'm considering buying it. I miss grilling up hamburger and steak. It's at a place called the affordable shop and missionaries get half off. Pretty much like a goodwill. It's closed today so I might have to buy it tomorrow. We are going to a luau today so that will be fun. We are also teaching an investigator who recently got out of jail! So busy day today.

So this week was kind of a blur but it was pretty awesome. I went on exchanges with missionaries from Tremonton and I took him up to my area. And that's when we found. I decided to instead plan for every hour of every day to plan for ever 15 minutes out of every day. We proselyte from 10am to 9pm and then take 2 hours for lunch and dinner. So we proselyte for 9 hours everyday. So if you could imagine that leaves about 36 things that we plan for everyday. We get a lot done and we are always super busy now. It keeps me motivated to go and work because we come up with some pretty quality plans for the day.

We tracted into a family of 5. 4 of them aren't members and were interested in meeting with us. It was more like he was trying to figure out our schedule so he could meet with us so that was pretty cool. He set up the appointment himself. We took our stake president along and I'm glad we did. We got to his house and we taught the family along with their family friend who happens to be a minister of another faith. He is one of those that feel like we have to use the original Greek Bible for it to be true. Anyways the lesson went alright until we got to Joseph Smith and this friend went off on this rant saying how there can't be any more prophets and all this other
garbage. He was using scriptures to back up his points but the scriptures he used meant completely different things. I had solid answers for him that explained everything but he did t want to listen to it. Anyways the family accepted a return appointment and we'll see how it goes.

Well things are going alright. I hope to baptize soon and I know we will if we work hard. The church is true and that's all there is to it.

Elder Skabelund

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