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April 25, 2016

Yes what a surprise!!!! My p-day is now on Monday! Woot! Woot! Which means you get my email one day earlier and I get to email all my mission friends so that will be fun!

It has been a fun week in the good ol' Utah Logan mission in Malad City. Not as many lessons as I had hoped for but we still had adequate success so I am happy.

On Tuesday we had a lot of miles to use so we drove down to Tremonton to spend the day with them! It was pretty fun. I got a new haircut and I like it a lot so I think with this haircut we will have more baptisms #FlirtToConvert .....just kidding...but I really did get a new haircut. I look like a "city boy" as everyone says. We also did our shopping and laundry and usual stuff. We also found a bowling alley! It's a fun little spot that lets missionaries bowl for free so we are happy :)

On Wednesday I had another district meeting which was fun. It consists of all the missionaries of my district and their senior couples. I love senior couples but they have a tendency to talk about irrelevant stuff which just eats away my time. I had a pretty good district meeting planned but we got on a lot of topics which had nothing to do
with the district meeting so I didn't have too much time. But hey I'm not complaining. I love district meeting. It's a chance for me to share what I know about missionary work and to help other missionaries improve in their work. It's also a chance to hear from other missionaries to see what has been working for them and what hasn't been working.

We also taught a Book of Mormon class that Wednesday night. We do it every Wednesday and we get a couple investigators to show up so that is always fun. The Book of Mormon is awesome. If you have a testimony of the Book of Mormon everything falls into place. The gospel is simple. If the book is true than Joseph Smith is a prophet and this is Christ's church. If you want a testimony of the gospel read the Book of Mormon. People don't understand this. Just yesterday we were visiting a family whose kids aren't baptized and the lad said that she does not believe in the Book of Mormon because it "adds and takes away from the bible" (which is far from the truth) I asked her if she has ever read the Book of Mormon and she said no and then she went off on another concern like polygamy, first vision, all other stuff and every time I asked the same question. Have you ever read the Book of Mormon. Same response "no" Everything that she says really had no validity because she has not read the Book of Mormon. There is so much stuff out there that tries to prove the church wrong. But with the Book of Mormon we will always know it is right. You can answer every concern with the Book of Mormon. If you know the Book of Mormon is true than nothing else matters.

On Thursday I went on exchanges with missionaries in Tremonton. That was fun. That whole morning we did yard work. This lady pretty much had half an acre of weeds 2 feet tall and all she had was one weed eater. So I used it and my companion picked up all the weeds. I pretty much mowed a lawn full of weeds. Fun. We taught a lesson that night about the Book of Mormon. Similar situation. This lady had a lot of concerns and we went back to the Book of Mormon every time. We read the introduction with her and Moroni 10. The difference here is that this lady aphid an open heart. She wanted to know if the things we taught were true. We explained to her that this is the way. The gospel will always be true. There will just be different people that are ready to hear that truth.

On Friday we did some more service and swept the whole post office parking lot for two hours which was fun. A lot of people saw us working and I think we built a lot of trust with the community. We also had a pretty good dinner that night who gave us a couple solid referrals. We are planning on visiting them tomorrow.

On Saturday we branded cattle. Yes you heard me right. Saturday was my time to shine as a cowboy. It was an awesome experience. A bit stinky but fun! Pretty much all the cows have to have a brand for a permanent
identification. You do this when they are calves. We separated the cows from the calves. There were multiple corrals next to each other so you pretty much had to stand and walk in the right place to get them to move somewhere. It's a bit of a task to separate them. The cows start mooing like crazy because it's like you're taking away their kids but we were able to separate them and we got 12 calves. Then we put a rope around their hind legs and when you pulled the rope it tightened and you were able to drag the calf out. Once you get them out of the corral, you pick them up and flip them on their side. One person is holding the rope still and another person puts their knee on its neck and you hold back the front legs which is what I did. Then while you got them on their side and when they can't move anywhere you castrate the males. Don't worry we didn't cut it off we just do it with a rubber band. We then vaccinate them with something. Then with people on the sides holding the calf down someone brands them. Once that's over than you stand up and they are able to get out of the rope and go back to momma. It was awesome and super fun!!! I have a couple pictures and videos. Unfortunately I didn't get any of me branding but I did do it trust me!!! We'll probably be doing that every weekend so I have something to look forward too!

Sunday we went to church and Jeff was there! Yay!!!!! I'm hoping he will be baptized soon. You could tell that he loved church. He got a little emotional and you could tell that he felt the spirit. We also
had a big luncheon in Holbrook which is about 30 minutes West. Pretty much it's a farming town with about 200 people hahaha. Middle of nowhere but it was fun. We made a lot of contact and we found pretty solid potentials that day!

So that's just a glimpse of how my week went. It's been fun and awesome. I am absolutely loving it out here. I know I say that every time but it's so true. I love preaching the gospel with everybody I see. It's awesome to come to that point where you don't have any fear about sharing the gospel with others. There are people out there who
are looking for the gospel and they don't even know it. It's awesome to preach the gospel to those people. You really see people change right before our eyes. One thing to remember is that we always have to be bold. Loving them to activity ain't going to do it. You have to be bold with love towards those you know who don't come to church. Being bold shows that you love them. Jesus Christ was bold so we should be bold too.

This church is true. There is a God who love us. There is a Christ who died for us. We have prophets who lead us. We have bishops who pray for us. We have the gospel which lifts us.

Elder Skabelund


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