Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Short email...sorry!!!

April 19, 2016

Hey everyone! This week was a pretty good week. The AP's came out with standards of excellence which is pretty much like goals for the whole mission. Elder Tamasaka and I sat down and thought of ways that we can
hit these standards of excellence. We have been doing a lot better and we are finding a lot more success.

I am really learning to like Malad. It's like no place I've ever live before. Just today I tried to get a haircut and everywhere was closed because you have to name an appointment to get a haircut. There's not enough business for them to just be open all the time. There is only about 2000 people that live in Malad. Heck my high school and twice as many people.  It really is a genuine farming town. But I enjoy it. The people here are really friendly. Once you get to know them they will help you out with anything.

This past week was my birthday! I had a good birthday. I went on exchanges in Tremonton. I enjoyed that because we could actually go to a decent place to eat. I went to The Grille it has the best burgers in town. And some random person payed for us! Woohoo! Thanks for all the birthday notes. It's good to know that people still care for me and know who I am.  Hahaha

But seriously this week has been good we got an investigator on date and we are teaching more. The mission has been good for me and has been a blessing for those I teach.

Sorry I have t responded a lot to the emails. I've been pretty busy and I usually only have time to email my mom and send out this group email. But I love you all and I'm grateful for your support and I love reading your emails! I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind. It's true no matter what anyone says! I love you all!

Elder Skabelund

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